Cinquain Poem:
"The Ship"

Dark, Cold
Fear, Musty, Defeat                                                                                                                                        
Sad, Anger, Pain, Nausea

Haiku Poems:
"Trip leaving West Africa" "

I am so afraid
The big white man captured me
Will I survive this?

"Going to America"

Sold to the white man
Captured in metal shackles
Work all day and night

Acrostic Poems

S - Stentch of all the people
L - Lonely for my family
A - Atrocious conditions
V - Vile food
E - Extreme hunger


S-Sadness in my heart
L-Longing in my eyes
A-Aching in my soul
V-Visions of my family
E-Every waking moment
R-Running for my life
Y-Yearning for my freedom!


P-Pulled onto the ship
A-Against my own will
I-Ignited with rage
N-Never to see my family again

Rhyming Poem
"Just Captured"

Dark, Cold, Night
It is full of fright.
I miss my children and my wife.
What has happened to my once happy life?
I feel so depressed.
We are traveling towards the west.
Will we see our tribe?
My feelings and pain I cannot describe.
I want to go back home
and end my feelings of being alone.

Quatrain Poems
"Leaving Home"

Sailing far from my home,
traveling to America the land unknown.
Scared and lonely I can only wait,
for the white man I am filled with hate.                                                                        

"Day of Work"

Cotton, sugar cane, tobacco too,
picking crops is all I do!
Working hard until I bleed,
my master's words I must heed.

Bio Poem


Strong, Fearless, Resilent
Son of Wonlay and Sianeh, Brother of Kia
Who loves family, hunting and laughing
Who feels hatred for his owner.
Who needs home, love and food.
Who fears white men, whips and guns.
Who'd like to see his West African Homeland.
A slave of Ingleside Plantation.